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Scott Lipinsky

Men's Center Program Manager

 Scott is a 2003 graduate of Central Florida Teen Challenge and worked there for several years as the Operations Manager. He serves as the Program Manager for the Men's Center. In addition, he mentors and teaches as needed. Scott holds an Associate’s Degree in Avionics and Airwave Science. In addition, he is certified by the Net Institute in Restoration Ministry for Counseling and Addiction studies. Scott firmly believes that if God was able to change his wretched life through Teen Challenge, then anyone has a chance to be saved and healed from destruction. Scott is currently pursuing Pastoral Certification through the Assemblies of God.


Pastor Mike Thompson

Admissions Coordinator

Pastor Mike was sentenced to successfully complete Teen Challenge in March 1998 after 22 years of drug addiction. He was a drug dealer and drug user until the day he went into TC and has been clean since that day. Realizing the call of God in his life just before graduating TC in 1999, Mike set a goal to disciple others like himself. Mike married Stephanie in 2005 and they have a 4 yr old daughter, Giliah. While in TC, he was greatly impacted by Jesus at the Brownsville Revival. Afterwards, he was accepted at the Brownsville Revival School of Ministry and graduated with 2 AA degrees in Pastoral Ministry and Pastoral Theology. He is also certified as an instructor of PSNC. 

 Chris McKinney

 Education Coordinator

Chris McKinney is 20 years old and was born in Bloomington, Indiana.  He graduated from Pensacola Teen Challenge in November of 2012. Chris completed ELP Level One in April of 2013.  He currently serves at the Men's Education Coordinator. Chris just wants to give back to the same program that God used to save his life by helping others receive the freedom that he now has through Jesus Christ. 



Pastor Bud South

Senior Mentor

Pastor Bud has been a long time volunteer with Teen Challenge.  He was brought on staff  as a Senior Mentor and assists in the spiritual development of the student body.  He also serves as the Assistant Pastor at Warrington Assembly of God.  He is honored to be serving in His Majesty's Army.


Roger Hughes


Roger graduated from Pensacola Teen Challenge in August 2011 and is a Level 1 ELP graduate as well. He now oversees all the water works related micro-enterprises for the ministry. In addition, he oversees the safety of the facilities and students. Roger feels called to give back to the ministry that gave so much to him. 

Chaplain Brian Eskelinen


Chaplain Brian has served at Pensacola TC since Sept 2014. Brian was radically saved out of a life of addiction in 1997 at the Brownsville Revival. Since that time he has earned an AA degree in practical ministry at the Brownsville Revival School of ministry and a Masters of Theology from Southern Indiana Baptist College. Brian served as a State Chaplain for 12 years with the Alabama Department of Corrections before coming to Teen Challenge. He lives and believes that there is not a man or woman alive beyond the delivering power and hope of Christ. Brian is married to Cheryl and together they have 5 kids and 6 grand children.

Matt Mitchell


Matt is 25 years old and was born in Huntington, NY.  He is a 2012 graduate from the Long Island Teen Challenge.  Matt was saved from a life of heavy addiction and drug influenced music.  He currently serves as the worship Leader and mentor at Pensacola Teen Challenge. He also serves as a worship leader at Pensacola House of Prayer.  Matt felt called to give back to the program that saved his life and with the help of the Holy Spirit, usher people into the presence of God.

Anthony Brown



During his early 20’s and 30’s , Anthony struggled with the bondage of addiction. After growing up with both parents who were held captive by the same issues, once God delivered Anthony helping others get set free became a ministry for him. He is currently a Mentor and oversees the Big Brother Program at our Men's facility. Even though he is an owner in two other businesses nothing is more rewarding then the work he does at Teen Challenge and he thanks God for such an amazing opportunity.


Martin Tate

Office Administrator for Men and Women Centers

Martin serves as the Office Administrator for both the men and women's programs and is also a Notary Public. He has been with Teen Challenge since July of 2012.   He also is the worship leader at Family Worship Center in Pensacola.  Martin feels blessed to be part of such a ministry where The Holy Spirit is actively transforming men & women into the very image of Christ!

Angie Adams

Administrative Assistant  

Angie is a 2014 graduate of Pensacola Teen Challenge.  She made the decision to stay with the Re-entry Program and then joined the Emerging Leaders Program.  Angie was hired on as staff in the Administration Department in September, 2014 and enjoys spending much of her free time with the ladies at the Women’s Center.  It is her vision that each of the women in the program understand that whatever they’ve done, His blood has covered them and if they surrender all to Jesus He will do much more than just repair the damage.  He will restore what was lost so that someday they can look back and know that He has transformed them into the princess they were called to be.  

 Glenn Abernethy

                                                                                           Studio 7 Designs

Glenn joined the Teen Challenge team in May of 2014. He is a Graphic Designer and currently serves as the supervisor of Studio 7 Screen printing and Design, one of the microenterprises here on campus. Although he did not graduate from Teen Challenge, Jesus delivered him from a pointless life of addiction and he now desires to help others do the same. He is a graduate of the School of Awakening and Reformation (SOAR) and is continuing his education as an ELP Level 1 student.

Shelby Crawford

Studio 7 Designs

Shelby joined the Teen Challenge team in September of 2014. She is a Graphic Designer and currently helps to support the supervisor of Studio 7 Screen Printing and Design, one of the on campus micro-enterprises. She has a passion for missions and the ministry. Shelby is a recent graduate of Pensacola State College and is continuing her education as an ELP Level 1 student. 

Josh Horne

Crown Jewels & Crafts Supervisor & Mentor

Josh is a Pensacola Teen Challenge graduated from August 2013. God has truly given him a heart transplant. Josh has discovered God's purpose for his life being fulfilled through full time, frontline ministry here at Teen Challenge. He loves to share the hope with others that Christ has given to him!

Mike Burkenpas

Super Thrift Store Manager


Mike graduated from Pensacola TC in October 2011 and has graduated Level 1 ELP.   He currently serves as our Thrift Store #1 Manager.  While in the program, Mike began to desire to be a leader, to help other students grow.  His goals now are to continue on in this process as a staff member to help other students through the growing process.


Todd Adams

Super Thrift #2 Manager & ELP Rep

 Todd graduated our program in August of 2013.  He is a graduate ELP Level 1 and did his internship here until he was brought on as staff in October.  Todd now oversees the management of Super Thrift #2.  He feels called to Teen Challenge because he has a heart and passion to encourage and help men overcome addiction and develop into powerful men of God!